Student Support

We are all different. This is a fact.

We all have different preferred styles of learning, personality types, levels of resilience, or topics and things we may be a bit obsessive about.

The needs and differences we observe in some students are often the same ones that we all have but they may be augmented, more demanding, or more unpredictable and more impacting on our ability to learn and get on with others.

Special Needs

One of the ways in which the school differentiates the curriculum and learning environment is to support students with diagnosed special needs. This is done in a number of ways both in the class and in a withdrawal session. Students may work individually or in a small group or be supported in the regular class.

Educational Adjustment Plans

Educational Adjustment Plans (EAP) are designed in conjunction with specialist staff, the class teacher and valuable input from the parents.

These plans outline the teaching, learning and environmental adjustments that are made to support the individual’s personal needs in order to more equitably access the curriculum and achieve learning outcomes. Goals are set and then evaluated to monitor progress.

Students who do not have a diagnosed condition but are deemed to require support are evaluated and through baseline data are monitored and supported according to the resources available.

We currently have a Special Education teacher (SET), a Special Education Officer (SESO) and several assistants (SESA).

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