Fine-Motor Skills Development

One of the key areas of focus at Nightcliff Primary School is the development of fine and gross motor skills and how we identify specific skill sets in our Early Years program.These developmental techniques are critical for student learning and are significant when establishing handwriting techniques in the formative years. The following tips are important for all students:

  • Children experiencing movement difficulties require more time to learn a skill. They need constant feedback and quite often need to be physically taken through movements.
  • Some difficulties will disappear with maturity; some will not. The longer we allow inefficient physical movement to continue, such as incorrect handwriting grip, the harder it becomes to correct because the child practises poor movements which become habits, and then these have to be undone. Also, if these difficulties are left too long, some children begin to display avoidance behaviour because they are not experiencing success.
  • Try to make your child as independent as possible. To do this you must resist the temptation to complete the tasks for him or her, including such daily requirements such as tying shoelaces, cutting food and dressing. Instead be there to assist your child as he or she completes the task.
  • Above all, be patient with your child because it does take longer for children to learn skills then we think. Praise the child’s efforts as well; we all need encouragement. Try to be consistent in following any program.

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