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Nightcliff Primary School gained Silver Eco School Accreditation in 2018

The Eco-Schools Seven Steps
has assisted Nightcliff Primary School maximize our success as an Eco-School. As we are a large school of over 650 students, from Preschool to Year 6, it has been important to form an Eco Committee to lead the planning and implementation of environmentally and ecologically sustainable actions.  The committee consists of students, teachers, NPS School Council, parents, professionals in environmental matters and members of the local community. All meet and work together to create our amazing school.

The Sustainability Audit helps the school investigate and identify issues as well as highlighting what we do well. Older students enjoy carrying out audits and find the Eco Schools Audit Plan easy to use as a basis to discuss potential actions with others. The Eco Committee then develop the Action Plan together. As our school has been involved in environmental activities for over 20 years, a number of areas are entrenched in the curriculum e.g. creating a litter free environment, using the Natural Sciences to motivate students to learn positive social interactions and develop literacy and numeracy skills. Student voice is encouraged and students are given responsibility for tasks and involved in planning. Goals are specific, realistic, timely, attainable and potentially measurable.

At meetings the plan is regularly monitored and different groups and classes who carry out the different actions are given carriage to monitor and evaluate their success e.g. the Year 3 Worm Farm, the Litter Audit involving the Cool Mob, The Indigenous Day of Celebration, The Early Years Visual Arts program using recyclable household junk. Success is celebrated in a number of ways including Art Shows, Assembly announcements, Newsletter articles written by the children.

Nightcliff Primary School uses the Australian Curriculum as a basis for all teaching and learning. Where possible Eco-School activities are integrated into the curriculum to develop environmentally aware students and an ecologically sustainable environment. The annual Science program, using the resource Primary Connections, is used throughout the school to develop student understandings and skills. It gives a scientific base and ensures consistency in teaching. See attached information and topics for different Year levels.

The whole school is knowledgeable about the environmental impact we make on our planet. The School values of Caring, Respect, Responsibility, Honesty and Inclusion and the motto Believe and Achieve links to the Eco Code motto of Support and Sustain. These were developed by the students, staff and school community a number of years ago and remain as the basis for our school. These are prominently displayed in every classroom and throughout the school. In classrooms students show that they are informed and involved. The Parent Handbook, the School Newsletter, the website all display the code and other information.


NPS Environmental Review 2019 Term3 (Click to Download)

Eco Code 2019 (Click to Download)

Sustainability at NPS (Click to Download)

NPS Sustainable School Booklet (Click to Download)

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